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Deadwood Mickelson Trail Events, June 3-4, 2017

Kick off 2017 by registering for one of the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Events!  State employees are eligible for the following registration/early bird discounts until March 1, 2017:

This is a walker-friendly event so don't let the "running" part of it stop you from entering.  The courses are open for 7 hours.  All finishers receive a commemorative medal. 
There will also be a 5K held on Saturday, June 3, 2017. A training program for the 5K will be available February 15, and will start in March.  No discount is available for this race.

Register: Deadwood Mickelson Trail Event Registration.  At checkout, enter the following information in the “discount code” box to receive the State Employee Discount rate:

Contact:  Emily Wheeler at
Event information:

The Only Way to the Finish Line is to Be at the Start!

Read comments from state employees who have previously participated:

“I have completed the Mickelson Trail Marathon twice, once as a walker and once as a runner—both times were fabulous! It was exciting and motivating to have the event as a goal to work towards. The event was incredibly well organized, welcoming to both runners and walkers, and located in my favorite place in the world, The Black Hills.  I completed one with my mother and one with my husband—pretty amazing.” - Jill Kruger, Bureau of Human Resources

“Deadwood Mickelson Trail is an excellent first half marathon (13.1 mi). The gravel surface is gentle and low-impact, the scenery is fantastic, and the crowd is festive but manageable. I first trained for this race in 2010 having never run more than 5K, and I have returned every year since. Basically, you hop on a bus that drops you off in the woods, then you run to Deadwood. It’s great!” -Kathleen Grigg, Department of Environment and Natural Resources

“The scenery is so beautiful you forget how far you are running…until around mile 11.  It then becomes a mental game.  But it doesn’t matter if you run, walk, or crawl the rest – as long as you finish!”  - Tamara Darnall, Department of Education

 “If you are looking for great scenery, a fast course, and lots of competition, this is the race for you!”   - Michelle Mikkelsen, South Dakota Retirement System
"The Deadwood Half Marathon is one of those you find rewarding and satisfying every time you run it. I encourage people to run this half marathon for their first half or their hundredth time." -Torry Zeller, Department of Corrections

“Deadwood was my first half marathon and is a race I have run multiple times and look forward to every time. The course itself is beautiful and challenging and the general location in the Hills provides ample opportunities to make a full and exciting trip.”  - Lucy Dahl, Department of Environment and Natural Resources





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