Latitude Wellness Programs

We give you the Latitude to manage your health with the new Latitude Wellness Programs. There are three types of Latitude Wellness Programs you can choose from, including participatory (individual) programs, worksite wellness challenges, and HMP enrollment programs that target certain health conditions.

You and your covered spouse need to complete one of these Latitude Wellness Programs by March 31, 2014, along with the free Health Screening and Health Assessment, to be eligible for the lowest deductible plan in FY15.


Need help learning how to complete a Latitude Wellness Program? Watch this video and print the instructions to make completing a Latitude Wellness Program easier.

To complete a Latitude Wellness Program:

  • Visit, choose Latitude Wellness Portal, log in, and choose Latitude Wellness Program or click here.
  • Create an account on the Latitude Wellness Program FitThumb website.
  • After creating an account, choose one of the three types of programs listed in the welcome message.
  • Complete one participatory/our program, worksite wellness challenge, or HMP enrollment program.