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Right This Weighâ„¢

Right This Weighâ„¢ is designed to encourage you to practice simple everyday habits that produce consistent, long-term results.  These daily habits can help you have more energy and maintain a healthy weight.  It may even help you lose weight and keep it off. Consistency and balance are rewarded over great athleticism or dramatic changes.

Earn virtual miles each time you record one of the following healthy habits:

See your progress, while you virtually travel along famous hiking trails.  As you move forward, you’ll view vivid images and descriptions of each location. Seeing your progress daily strengthens your commitment to better health habits and a healthy weight for life.

Those interested can participate individually or can sign up with a team.

Earn 50 points towards your 100 wellness points, by completing the Right This Weigh challenge.
Sign up today for this journey toward maintaining a healthy weight for life!

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