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Understanding Your Health Plan


Master Schedule

Plan Comparison Chart

Eligibility and Selecting for Coverage

Major Medical Benefits

Managed Care Program

Prescription Drug Plan

Latitude Wellness and Prevention

Tobacco User Status

Claims Payment Process

*Billing & Processing Error Incentive Program
We encourage members to examine medical bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from DAKOTACARE for accuracy.* If an error is found, the South Dakota State Employee Health Plan will pay the member 50 percent of the money saved by the plan up to $1,000. The minimum savings to the Plan to qualify for a payment is $50. When reviewing hospital or doctor bills, keep in mind that this incentive applies only to covered charges for in-patient hospital care, outpatient surgery in an ambulatory care facility, or services received from clinics and related tests. It applies to any processing errors found on an EOB. Member is responsible for:

Documentation required for Bureau of Human Resources:

*does not apply to Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) based billing

When Coverage Ends and Continuation of Coverage

Claims Action

Coordination of Benefits

Plan Administration and Operations



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